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Sat - September 30, 2006

Engagement Portrait in Laguna Canyon - Kimberly and Ed


No rain on this day. Yay!
Rain forced me to cancel all of my weekend sessions except Ed and Kim's engagement session.
Oana has already designed their signature album. We had to make some extra pages, because they are expecting over 400 guests!
Our signature albums are guest books that get filled out by guests at the reception. We leave lots of white space in the design for them to personalize. Go ahead and write on it. It's OK.

See the whole album here.

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Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dana Point - The Sri Lancan Wedding of Shalini & Thiran


Shalini & Thiran had a perfect Calfiornia day for their regal and colorful wedding on the Pacific Promenade Lawn of the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel.

The Sri Lankan Poruwa ceremony dates to the third century BC and is filled with symbolic rituals and traditions. The bride and groom arrived in separate processions led by drummers and dancers. Drum beats and singers heralded each important step of the ceremony.

Shalini chose all of the flowers and fabrics in shades of orange, gold and crimson. It was fun to be the there to document such a beautiful and interesting wedding.

Shalini chose some amazing vendors that deserve mentioning: Lisa Simpson was the coordinator (thanks for the referral,) Ashley Video did a special montage at the reception that included interviews with the bride and groom, and actual wedding day footage. The room was exquisitely decorated by M's Flowers, and lit by Sid Khera of Eventco Entertainment, who I thought did an outstanding job.

The First thing you notice about Shalini, is her eyes.

The stunning processional.

The couple exchanges rings, and feed each other with kiribath (milk rice), a symbolic pledge to take care of each other for life.

The first dance.

We are seeing more and more lighting this year, which is a wedding trend that I welcome because it helps make for stunning photographs. It also helps set the mood of the room for the guests to enjoy.

Shalini created these amazing invitations printed in India, which were actual scrolls.

Thiran enjoys a moment with his beaming mother.

Shalini changed into a red sari for her last dance and a very touching and joyous exit.

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Winter Weddings in Southern California


Southern California is a great place to have a winter wedding. It rarely gets below 60 degrees in the daytime, and it seldom rains.

Every year I do several winter weddings where not a single person is from the local area. Everyone flies out here and meets at one of our local resorts for the wedding.

This photo was taken at the Surf and Sand Resort in January. Petra is from Chicago, so it obviously didn't seem cold to her.

This photo was made after dark by the soft lights of the fountain.

This couple came all the way from Argentina for a winter wedding at the Ritz Carlton . I guess it would be summer there this time of year so cooler weather may have been the draw for them,

This bride is a well known fashion designer in South America so she designed her own dress.

I think she may have modeled too because seemed to have great awareness of how the camera sees her. She spoke very little English (Spanish and Italian) which can be kind of fun for me because I have to use my body language more to help direct the shoot. I Imagine that I look pretty silly asking for something like this, but the result is nice.

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Mon - September 4, 2006

Lifestyle Family Portraiture - The Brandon's


I had a very fun shoot last week with the Brandons. They came here from Las Vegas to have a family vacation and scheduled a beach portrait session. When we got to the beach we were surprised to see that we had the whole place to ourselves.

This collage will be featured in Ocean Magazine.

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Mon - August 14, 2006

Our New Portrait Photography Web Site


We have created a new website specifically for our portrait customers. I designed and coded it myself so that I could have full control to update it or change the content whenever I want.

Have a look around and tell a friend.

laguna beach portraits

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Sun - July 30, 2006

Newborn Baby Portraits - Jordan Kai


One of our couples from 2002, Frank and Laynie, have just had their first child, Jordan Kai. All of our wedding clients get a free baby portrait session when they have a new addition. Frank and Laynie are having three sessions in Jordan's first year, Newborn, 6 months, and one year. Yesterday was his 6 month birthday, so they came in for his second session. We'll see you in December little Jordan.

6 Months

10 days old

The wedding day in 2002

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Rancho Capistrano - Jamie and Andrea's Wedding


View the album here:

Before the ceremony, taking a peek outside.

Reson #1 why you should wait until just before the processional to give the flowergirls their tiny baskets.

He had been holding her like this for over 15 seconds when I took this photo. Strong guy.

First dance at dusk.

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Fri - July 14, 2006

Engagement Portrait on the Beach - Sarah and Chris


My new favorite beach It is so much fun to be in Laguna Beach in the winter time. The beaches are still beautiful, but the crowds are gone.

Sarah and Chris's engagement session was on a very cold day, so I had them running and jumping a lot to stay warm. It reminds me of when I was a kid and the teachers would make us have recess no matter how cold it was outside. If we would say, "I'm cold," they would tell us to run in place.

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Fri - July 7, 2006

Engagement Portrait - Jocelyn and Mike


Jocelyn was a bridesmaid in the wedding of Nina and Greg yesterday. They both came to my studio together and I was lucky enough to be chosen by both of them. It is always great to familiar people at my wedding assignments.

Mike and Jocelyn are having a July wedding in Bel Air, with a reception at the beautiful and modern Skirball Cultural Center.

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Tue - July 4, 2006

Engagement Portrait - Livna and Niv


Livna is one of my old assistants and she is having her wedding this week in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a talented graphic designer and webmaster who runs her own firm called Lev-Ram Design .

I had a prior commitment, so I will be unable to be her photographer. I gave her and Niv an engagement photo as a wedding present.

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Mon - July 3, 2006

Orange County Headshots - The power to get actors, performers, and artists noticed.



There is a voice coach in town named Guy who sends me all of his students who need headshots. Guy had his own headshot done at my studio and it turns out that we were both singers in college choirs together. Many people I sang with went on to become professional singers such as Nick Hernandez of Common Sense and Scott Wyland of Stone Temple Pilots .

A good headshot to a performer is like a good camera to a photographer.

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Tue - June 20, 2006

Lifestyle Portraits in yoru own home - Sondra and Paul


This past weekend, I made a rare trip to a beach other then Laguna for a photography session. Jeff proposed to Sondra on the rooftop deck of their Marina Del Rey townhouse, so I suggested that we do their engagement session there. The had just sold the home and so I wanted to take some commemorative photos at the house so they can always remember their first home together.

Every house needs a big comfy chair for two.

Sondra is an artist, so I had them mimic the positions of the people in one of her art pieces that hang in the house.

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Thu - June 15, 2006

Engagement Portrait - Corona Del Mar - Steve and Michelle


Steve and Michelle

Michelle and I have been corresponding by phone and e-mail for over a year leading up to her wedding. It was great to finally put a face to the voice.

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Mon - June 12, 2006

Hula on the Beach


I have two weddings this year where the couples are hula dancers. Dance is one of my favorite art forms and I have always love watching hula dancing. I like the soothing, almost hypnotic motion and rhythms. When I was in Hawaii recently I had the opportunity to sit down with a professional entertainer and learn more about the art and history of hula and life in Hawaii in the 50's and 60's.

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Thu - June 8, 2006

Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Wedding - Jeffrey and Amanda


I recently had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, CA. The Nixon Library is a beautiful location with rose garden, reflecting pool, and the most elegant ballroom that I have seen in Southern California.

Jeffery and Amanda managed to put together a wedding that was both formal and casual. Amanda planned the whole thing herself in spite of being in medical school. She graduated on the Sunday before her wedding, so you can all call her Doctor from now on. They both met while at medical school and practice the same type of high-tech medicine which Jeffery describes as being part doctor and part video gamer,

I am posting a larger gallery then usual because they are having a long honeymoon, and I wanted to surprise them in case they find an internet cafe.

Getting ready at the Yorba Linda Ayres Hotel, which has large and elegant suites.

"Something old," Grandmother's wedding purse.

"Something blue," her toenails.

It takes the hands of a surgeon to attach a boutonniere to a lapel with a straight pin. That's my excuse for not being able to do it after all these years.

The card reads: "In lieu of rice, it would be so nice, to give them a shower, with these flowers (as they depart would be so smart!)"

A successful relationship requires a sense of humor. I think they'll do fine.

Amanda envisioned a cake that was elegant in gold with whimsical piping all over.
The result is casual and elegant at the same time, like the whole wedding.

The incredible ballroom at the Nixon Library.

If this medical doctor thing doesn't pan out, Amanda always has a future in wedding design.

The last dance.


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